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Indian Head Massage

  Indian Head Massage is a wonderfully effective way to relieve tension headaches and neck & shoulder pain.  It  includes the best head massage you've ever experienced, Shiatsu acupressure points for headache and stress relief, magical ear reflexology, and neck & shoulder massage.  It is a beautifully balancing treatment, leaving you both relaxed and energized.

About Indian Head Massage:  Indian Head Massage (also called Champissage) is based on the ancient Ayurvedic healing system practiced in India for thousands  of years.  It is used to combat daily tension and stress, and highly valued by Indian women for keeping their hair thick, healthy, and in beautiful condition.  The massage techniques have been passed down through time and can still be seen performed on street corners, in markets, and on the beach in India.  It is popular in Europe, particularly the UK, and is now beginning to be practiced in the US.

   • General feeling of well-being, calmness & relaxation
   • Higher levels of alertness & concentration
   • Helps stimulate hair growth

   • Tension headaches
   • Eyestrain
   • Neck & shoulder stiffness
   • Mental tiredness/anxiety

     Bring some Nirvana to your workplace!  It's the perfect way to unwind the computerized body and brain.  Indian Head Massage is an infinitely portable, beautifully simple style of chair massage.  It is received fully clothed, with no oils, while seated in a regular chair.  It is a stress-melting treat for your head, neck and shoulders. 
     Indian Head Massage is also ideal for the elderly and those confined to a wheelchair.

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Sessions can range from 15 - 30 minutes
(or longer, as desired) per person.

1 hr / $75 
  2 hrs / $60/hr
  3 hrs / $55/hr
  4+ hrs / $50/hr 

(Gift sessions are simple to arrange over the phone.)
(Visa, Mastercard, AmEx & Discover are accepted.)

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